Appeal and maintaining appeal for home care

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The basis for the project

The objectives of the project ‘Appeal and maintaining appeal for home care’ are to strengthen the prerequites for operation and the abilities to change of students graduating for home care and professionals working in home care, as well as to increase the appeal and hold of appeal of home care in social services and health care.

The project will be implemented in the form of network collaboration between Satakunta University of Applied Sciences, Tampere University of Applied Sciences and Satakunta Educational Federation and SASKY Municipal Education and Training Consortium. The home care of the City of Pori and City of Sastamala operate as the cooperation partners.

One objective in the government programme of Prime Minister Antti Rinne is that the Nordic welfare state and its foundation pillars - the security of income maintenance , operating social services and health care as well as education and competence – create a strong and fair base for reform work. Achieving the objective is especially challenging for social services and health care as there are not enough skilled personnel working for the service system.

Employing new personnel is not an easy task, and even now there is a continuous lack of competent employees in, for example home care.

The aims of the project

The project aims at building a passage for the students to increase the appeal of home care and to support the transfer of students to the duties of home care.

The project focuses on students in the late phases of their studies, who, together with the employees of home care, develop working methods and organizing practices acknowledging the special characteristics of home care.

Material to support the developing will be compiled to the digital learning environment accessible to students and employees. The development uses workshops as a working method. A digital work book composed of the themes of the workshops will be used throughout the project.

To strengthen the appeal of home care and maintaining it the project will produce a mentoring model and guide for the use of graduating students as well as the superiors and professionals of home care. There is a similar aim with the model of building and managing careers piloted during the project and spread to the disposal of graduating students and professionals of the field after the project is finished.

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